Allister Carrington - REALTOR ®

6577 187 St. Surrey, BC V3S 4E5

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I'm 8 years old. My parents sat me down and told me that they had sold our home and we’d be moving away to a new one.  All I could think about was “what about all my friends?"  

“Why are we moving when all of my favourite people and places were all around where we lived”. To this day, I haven't forgotten that moment.  

I'm 35.  My boss comes into my office and tells me I'm moving to BC.  I feel 8 years old again.  Again, I ask myself why I have to leave my friends, family, and the community I love.  More than that,  I didn’t have someone I can rely on to find a home again.  No parents. No family. No friend.  Just me, and I put my faith in the wrong professionals.  

Two homes and 8 years later, I'm graduating from UBC with my real estate license.  I promise myself that no matter what, I'm going to help people find a place for them to call home.  I promise that I'll help my future clients find the stability and safety that I struggled so hard to find for myself, and I promise that they will have someone willing, eager, and excited to help guide them through the process with compassion, knowledge, and trust.  

When we work together, you will find the home that you love, in the community you love, and, you will always